The North Shores' only Tesla repairer

Chatswood Prestige accident repair centre is one of the few Tesla approved body shops in Sydney. With over 2 decades of experience repairing damaged prestige vehicles we have acquired the highest levels of certification, expertise, skill and precision in the smash repair industry. From the specialty tools and training provided directly from Tesla we can guarantee that your Tesla will receive the very best treatment and be restored to its pre-accident condition and as our workshop has genuine Tesla chargers your car will be charged to get you to your next destination.


Our team are Tesla certified welders and our workshop has been provided with the tools and equipment  directly from Tesla to complete all the repair procedures to the highest level of workmanship.


In this modern day and age new technology is developed at a rapid rate. The equipment we use is some of the best in the industry allowing us to deliver the level of quality your Tesla deserves.


Every resource we use and every procedure we carry out is completed using industry best practices and products to ensure we do our part in making the world a cleaner place.

Working With Insurance

We understand the importance of choice!
When choosing your Insurance Provider we highly recommend
you opt for an Insurance Company that offers YOU choice of repairer.